The main subjects in my work are what I like to call "the Dutch Mountains".  When  I saw  farmers stacking hay and peas on wooden tripods in order to dry in Zeeland, memories of  playing underneath these structures on  my grandfather's farm came flooding back to me. As an  educated visual artist I felt inspired, not just emotionally, but also aesthetically, by the stacks' form with its   sensual feminine rounding and its stable earthy  base.

I decided to study these mountains on a profound level, and I discovered that there was an enormous variety of them all over the world and that many artists have been inspired by the shape and form of them since Persian times.

Another fascinating thing I have found whilst developing and extending these stack-like shapes in my work is that the repetition of these slightly different forms can create a sort of rhythm. These patterns they than show can be read as a frozen Language or a musical score arranged by nature itself.

This manmade product in which efficiency and beauty combine to create monumental shapes, have been reflected in my work ever since.



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